Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Pic Day

Randy and I had the wonderful opportunity to have family pictures with my family up north over the Christmas holiday. It was freezing but we pulled through and got some pretty good pictures! The handsome men. Richard (step-father), bro Nicholas, bro-in-law Robbie and my man Randy. Handsome aren't they?
The beautiful women. Sister Brianna and Katie, me and wonderful mother.

We are an American Family!
I don't know if we were ready for this one. What do you think?

The children and sons-in-law.

I like us a lot!

My wonderful husband and I. My roots look really bad, but whatever.


  1. I just love family pictures. I just wish that Paul and my boys were more cooperative when it comes to getting them! I'm doing hair on the weekends, so I could possibly help you out with your roots.:) I'm so glad you guys have a blog! Love it!

  2. Cute Cute pictures....Our new address is