Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonderful May Days

Ouchy! Randy was helping his dad and something hit his in the face. Luckily it didn't hit him in the eye and he didn't need stitches. Phew!

The Roundy Taxidermy baseball team!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

DisneyLand 2010

Randy and I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland for the Easter holiday. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed some warm weather, yea for warm weather! Not only did enjoy the weather but we also enjoyed the company. My sister, her husband, my brother and his buddy accompanied us. It was great to be together since it doesn't happen that often. We love eachother!!

The whole group on Splash Mountain

Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Pic Day

Randy and I had the wonderful opportunity to have family pictures with my family up north over the Christmas holiday. It was freezing but we pulled through and got some pretty good pictures! The handsome men. Richard (step-father), bro Nicholas, bro-in-law Robbie and my man Randy. Handsome aren't they?
The beautiful women. Sister Brianna and Katie, me and wonderful mother.

We are an American Family!
I don't know if we were ready for this one. What do you think?

The children and sons-in-law.

I like us a lot!

My wonderful husband and I. My roots look really bad, but whatever.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!

September 19, 2009 was the start of mine and Randy's new life together as husband and wife. We got married in my aunt's backyard and it was beautiful. There was a little scare when a rain cloud passed by and dropped a little rain, but in the end the weather came through! We are so grateful to be able to share our special day with all of our family and friends!!

Happy Blog Day!

I am finally with the program, I am blogging and it is super! I thought the world would like to know how my life is going with my wonderful husband and cool dog. Randy and I got married on September 19, 2009 and we have hit our 4th month mark and life is awesome! We love eachother a lot! I am working as the Special Ed. teacher at Kanab Elementary while Randy is doing Taxidermy here in Glendale. Times are wonderful!!